British Widower Re-United With Thai Daughter

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Darren Small married his wife Yanisa in Thailand in 2013. During 2016 Yanisa was diagnosed with cancer, she became very ill and Darren had to vacate his home in UK and sell everything up to pay  for treatment. Darren moved in with his parents who also helped towards the treatment costs.

One day in 2017 the Thai Princess, Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn was making a royal visit to Yanisa’s home town of Pakchong and noticed that Yanisa didn’t look well. They had a conversation and Princess Sirindhorn  invited Yanisa to attend her Royal Cancer Research Hospital in Bangkok. Sadly in 2017 Yanisa passed away.

Darren obviously devastated,  set about how he could get their daughter Jasmine to the United Kingdom to live and share her life with him and his parents. He visited Citizens Advice in his home town of Rayleigh, Essex who referred him to the Citizens Advice Immigration Unit at Southend-On-Sea.

Darren met with Peter Strickland who works in the Immigration Unit, part time. Darren was amazed when Peter mentioned that he had a private immigration practice in Thailand and that coincidentally, he was going there within a few days and would make an application on his behalf for a UK passport for Jasmine in Bangkok.

Everyone gathered round to show support and Darren was overcome with emotion when the locals at the Spread Eagle Pub in Rayleigh, where he works,   had a fund raiser day for Jasmine and raised £2000 to help pay the flight costs from Thailand.

Darren: “thanks to all at V4UK for their kind and generous help in obtaining Jasmine’s UK passport. She is safely in the UK now but without V4UK’s sensitive help in communicating with my Thai family with the legal documents, Jasmine may well still be in Thailand.

Thanks a lot Darren and Jasmine.”