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Visa Services to the UK

The services listed below are the most common applications that we deal with. This is only an overview and should not be relied on for making an application. UK Visa & Immigration provide comprehensive rules for each type of visa application. We are happy to provide a free initial consultancy face to face, video or voice call, email or app.

Most people call any type of application a “visa” whereas in fact, it is only a visa when entering the UK. Extensions are usually referred to as Further Leave To Remain or Indefinite Leave To Remain.

Visit Visa

A visitor is a person who is travelling to the UK, usually for up to six months, for a temporary purpose, for example as a tourist, to visit friends or family or to carry out a business activity.

  • Visitors cannot generally work or study in the UK
  • Each visitor must meet the requirements of these Visitor Rules
  • Applications are decided on the information provided by the applicant and any other relevant circumstances at the date of decision.
  • Visit Visas are usually granted for a period up to 6 months. It is recommended that a visitor spends no more than 6 months in UK within a 12 month period, otherwise difficulties with future applications might be encountered.

These can be the most difficult type of visa to obtain. The applicant must show that they are a genuine visitor to the UK and that they will leave at the end of the visit. How can they do that? The decision by the Entry Clearance Officer will be based upon the evidence submitted and on the balance of probability. So there are no hard and fast rules that we could say will result in an accepted application. These are frequently rejected for those making an application without assistance, for a whole raft of reasons. It is our job as your immigration adviser to gather the correct evidence to submit with a detailed representations letter to the Home Office in support of your application. Quoting the various rules and explaining how we are complying.

Please note: the following are only a general guidance and there are many other provisions and requirements within the rules

View Table of Visit Visa Conditions

Fiance Visa

Apply as a partner or spouse

To apply as a partner, you and your partner both need to be 18 or over. Your partner must prove the following points:

  • Be a British citizen
  • Have settled in the UK (they have ‘indefinite leave to remain’ or proof of permanent residence)
  • You and your partner must intend to live together permanently in the UK after you apply.
  • You are a fiancé, fiancée or proposed civil partner and will marry or enter into a civil partnership in the UK within 6 months of arriving.
  • Have a good knowledge of English.
  • Can financially support yourself and your dependants.
  • Any previous marriages or civil partnerships have ended.
  • You plan to marry or become civil partners within 6 months of arriving in the UK.

How long you can stay?
You’ll get permission to stay for 6 months if you’re applying as a fiancé, fiancée or proposed civil partner. After this you’ll need to apply to extend your stay.

Am I able to work?
You won’t be able to work during your engagement.

Spouse Visa

Visas to join a British Citizen partner in UK are complex and our experience helps us to build a case for our clients to comply with the various rules:

  • Suitability
  • Eligibility
  • Relationship
  • Financial
  • English language requirements
  • Suitable accommodation
  • Employed? Self employed? Retired and living on pensions? Self sufficient?  – There are differing rules for each category

We can help you to identify and meet the requirements. There are exceptions within the rules which can sometimes be applied.

Extension of Leave to Remain

The usual route to settlement (Indefinite leave to remain) is 5 years. Your initial entry visa will normally be for 33 months followed by further leave to remain of 30 months.

Indefinite Leave to Remain

An application for indefinite leave to remain may be made after 5 years residence. A higher level English Test at B1.1 will be required together with a life in the UK test.  Once granted ILR the immigration health surcharge (IHS) will no longer be payable.

Citizenship & Passport

There are a number of routes to Citizenship but within the family route to settlement, after a period of 12 months from ILR, subject to good character and sufficient knowledge of language and life in the UK, a Citizenship Application can be made leading to an application for a British Passport. Applicants should

  • Have lived in the UK for at least the 5 years before the date of their application
  • Spent no more than 450 days outside the UK during those 5 years
  • Spent no more than 90 days outside the UK in the last 12 months
  • Had settlement (‘indefinite leave to remain’) in the UK for the last 12 months if they’re from outside the European Economic Area (EEA)

Student Visa (Points Based)

This is known as a Tier 4 application a student will be required to

  • Be 16 or over
  • Have been offered a place on a course
  • Speak, read, write and understand English – CEFR level B2 if you’re studying at a degree level or higher
  • Have enough money to support themselves and pay for the course
  • Meet the other eligibility requirements
  • Have a sponsoring College/University who are on the UK Tier 4 register of sponsors
  • Once accepted, the student will receive a Confirmation Of Acceptance For Studies (CAS) No.
  • Score the required number of points with CAS, English and Financial requirements.


The Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) category of the Points Based System is for those investing in the United Kingdom by setting up or taking over, and being actively involved in the running of one or more businesses in the UK

Applicants must:

  • Provide an Overseas criminal record report
  • Be over 18 years old

If applying as a Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) migrant and you are currently in the UK with permission to stay as in the following categories you may apply for Tier 1 (Entrepreneur):

  • Highly Skilled migrant;
  • Tier 1 (Post-Study Work) migrant;
  • Tier 1 (General) migrant;
  • Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) migrant;
  • Tier 1 (Investor) migrant;
  • Tier 1 (Graduate Entrepreneur) migrant;
  • Tier 2 migrant;
  • Tier 4 student;
  • A visitor who has been undertaking permitted activities as a prospective entrepreneur

Funding of a minimum amount of 200,000 GBP Sterling is usually required


This route to UK settlement is for the grandchildren of British Citizens who emigrated from the UK in the past.

Children born outside the UK will usually have been British and free from UK immigration control but their children born outside the UK will not have been British