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Welcome to Visa4UnitedKingdom

We aim to provide simple explanations to the forever changing UK immigration rules by providing expert advice and services in preparing your immigration or citizenship application. We will assist you with all complimentary services – booking Tuberculosis Test (if required) English A1, A2 or B1.1 Tests (not usually required for visits) translation services.

After a free initial consultation, we work on a fixed fee basis, so the price we quote is the price you pay. Each case is carefully prepared and checked personally by our in-house Immigration Adviser, Peter Strickland, who as well as being our principal, has worked on hundreds of cases in UK OISC private practices and others.

In particular, Peter’s specialities are Spouse (partner) & family to join partner to settle in UK and visit visas for friends and family to spend a shorter period in UK.

UK Office
Our UK office located in Chelmsford, Essex, UK,  is registered with The Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) as a Level 1 Organisation. Our OISC Registration No. is F201700045. We are regulated to provide immigration advice or services by the Immigration Services Commissioner.

Thailand Office
Our associated Company Visa4UnitedKingdom. is based in Jomtien, Thailand and whilst OISC do not regulate Immigration Companies providing advice and services from outside of UK, we work strictly to the same practices in Thailand as we do in UK, so you can be sure of a thoroughly professional service wherever you or your sponsored applicant are located.

What we do

  • Provide an initial free consultation to the sponsor and applicant (where possible) wherever they are in the world

  • Inform as to which of our Companies will be handling your case and representing you

  • Provide you with honest and clear advice about exactly what is required to comply with current United Kingdom Visas & Immigration (UKVI) rules

  • Provide an assessment as to the likely outcome of the application

  • Give a fixed price quotation for our further advice and services

  • If in Thailand, we will help your sponsored applicant to book their Tuberculosis and English Tests and accompany them to the Visa Application Centre in either Bangkok or Chiang Mai

  • Prepare a lengthy representations letter to the Home Office showing how you comply with each of the immigration rules

  • If you have made a previous failed attempt yourself or through others, we will do our best to ensure that a further application, if merited, will be successful

  • Attend courses in UK to keep up with the latest changes to the immigration rules and procedures

What we don’t do:

  • Provide immigration advice and services to other countries, we pride ourselves on keeping up with current UK legislation which is forever changing. We prefer to be masters of our speciality. We do of course provide advice and services FROM any other country to UK.
  • We will not give you optimistic advice on your case where it is not merited, instead, we will help you to better prepare your personal circumstances in line with the rules in readiness for when you can comply.

  • We do not guarantee you success, no one can, decisions are entirely in the hands of UKVI and the Home Office but we pride ourselves on giving you the best possible chance of success by being thorough with the whole application process. We know this is very often a life changing process for a sponsor and applicant, you deserve the best service!